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Putnam County Airport Authority
Request for Qualifications: Master Airport Consulting Services

Location: Putnam County Airport, Ohio


In accordance with Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150-5100-14, Putnam County Airport Authority submits this RFQ seeking responses from consultants experienced in providing professional services needed for projects within airport environs. Putnam County Airport Authority seeks to enter into a master professional airport services agreement with a qualified airport consultant to assist with projects at the Airport over a five (5) year period commencing upon approval of agreement in 2020 and ending December 31, 2024. The consultant and its team of sub-consultants must be able to provide planning, design, and construction services for both federally and non-federally funded projects at the Airport. All work must meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Putnam County, and all other applicable standards and regulations. Consultants responding to this solicitation must be willing to provide professional airport services to Putnam County Airport Authority on an as needed basis for the projects at the Airport until final close-out activities are completed or such services are no longer required by Putnam County. The actual scope of services will be determined by Putnam County Airport Authority as needed on a per project basis pursuant to the terms of the master professional services contract. This engagement and services to be rendered only covers projects by Putnam County Airport Authority. Any and all contact or questions concerning this RFQ shall be in writing sent to Kent Niese, Airport Manager via email at [email protected] Results of the selection process will be announced at a day and time to be determined by Putnam County Airport Authority. 

Responses must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. E.S.T. Friday, January 10, 2020

Additional Information:

Click here for a copy of the full RFQ.


Wood County Regional Airport Authority
Request for Statements of Qualifications for Professional Consulting Services

Location: Bowling Green, Ohio


The Airport Authority Board for Wood County Regional Airport (1G0) in Bowling Green, OH would like to invite you to respond to our Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Master Airport Consulting Services.

The Wood County Regional Airport has been experiencing exciting growth in airport operations over the last several years. This increase is due largely to the rapid expansion of the growing Aviation program at Bowling Green State University and a general uptick in aviation as well. Wood County Regional Airport (WCRA) (1G0) is one of only a couple of airports in the country that is based on a University Campus. The Bowling Green State University flight training program (BGFC) is located next to airport property and is essentially on the field. The airport also continues to play a key role in supporting the economic growth currently being experienced in Wood County as well.

The BGSU Flight Center (BGFC) has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. They are currently the fastest-growing collegiate aviation program in the State of Ohio, and one of the fastest-growing in the entire country. The growth they are seeing is in part driven by having the backing of an outstanding university, a comprehensive aviation curriculum, an exceptional flight training operator, and a brand-new fleet of aircraft in a new state of the art facility. They are also one of only a few collegiate programs that have an airport on campus. This is a huge benefit to students and a strong attractor. Another significant driver is the projected worldwide pilot shortage. The airline and commercial air carrier operators are fueling this growth by promising high paying aviation jobs. Some of the numbers presented in recent studies of the commercial and professional pilot industry are that nearly 43% of all pilots flying today will be retiring within the next ten years. Two-thirds of all professional pilots today were military trained. In the future, only one-third of new commercial pilots will be. It is also projected that passenger air travel will double in the next 20 years. All these numbers add up to a significant opportunity for the Wood County Airport, Bowling Green State University, and the BGFC.

The Wood County Regional Airport Authority Board (WCRAA), The Bowling Green State University (BGSU), The City of Bowling Green and the Wood County Commissioners are working together to assure that we meet the growing aviation needs of our airport.

The RFQ, found below, has all the information you would need in order to reply.

We would like to have your Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) back by Friday, December 20th at 4 p.m.

Additional Information:

Jeff Hamons, President of WCRAA, at 419-304-0011 (cell); or,
Mark Black, Airport Manager, [email protected], or phone at 419-354-2908

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Request For Proposals for Upcoming 2020-2022 Seasons


AOPA seeks to draw interest and information from potential communities who would like to be considered for an AOPA Fly-In at their airport. 
Additional Information:
A copy of the RFP can be downloaded here.