Advocacy Center Overview 

Having a career in the highly regulated field of aviation you know, first-hand, how state and federal laws and regulations can impact your work each and every day.  At the state level, OAA and its contracted lobbyists work to promote legislative proposals to improve the business climate for airports and the organizations that serve airports. We also work to oppose legislation that will burden the industry or denigrate airports' services and positive impacts on its communities. 

The Ohio Aviation Association vigorously advocates on important issues year round. We know you don't always have the time to speak your voice; that is what we are here for.  Your membership in OAA will help because legislators listen to what their constituents have to say.  More members mean a louder advocacy voice!

The OAA's Advocacy Center web pages provide you:

  1. Information on OAA's current public policy agenda.
  2. Updates on OAA's Advocacy Day at the State House (also called Legislative Day).
  3. Advice on do's and don'ts and how you can help yourself and Ohio aviation.
  4. Information on OAA's Political Action Committee and how you can get involved.

As a member, you have access to current legislation we are tracking. You can find these at our Member Center.

If you find yourself running up against an issue that is hampering the economic vitality of your airport or aviation organization, let us know! The OAA Legislative Committee and the OAA Executive Office is always ready to assist you! Send us your request at [email protected].


Ohio Aviation Association's 2018 Legislative Day

We want to thank our members who wrote letters, met with legislators, and/or attended the reception on May 16th! We met with over 25 legislators throughout the day and over 40 legislative offices joined us for our reception.  Check our Legislative Day page for 2019's details!

If you have a chance to reach out to your State Senator or Representative, make sure you help convey OAA’s current policy initiatives! Need some pointers on what to say? Reach out to us at [email protected] Or click here to read more about our latest public policy agenda.