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Now accepting applications year-round!

Purpose of the Mentorship Program

The purpose of the OAA mentorship program is to:

  1. Provide a conduit for career and industry discussions for Ohio's university students.
  2. Expand Ohio's university students’ professional networks within the aviation industry.
  3. Open Ohio students' eyes to all aspects of aviation.
This program is designed to provide selected university students with an aviation sector mentor who shares similar industry interests. Matches will be made to best align with each student’s stated goals and aspirations. Our volunteer mentors will be available to the students for discussion regarding career planning, industry news, and sharing industry experiences. 

We offer connections for more than just pilots:

  • Are you interested in applying your engineering education to airports? You should apply!
  • Are you interested in applying your planning education to airports?  You should apply!
  • Are you interested in applying your management education to airports? You should apply!

This program is currently open to full-time, current university students attending an Ohio college or university at this time.  In the future, this program may be expanded. 

Details and How to Apply

The application period is open year-round, however, the program will try to coincide with your university semester. OAA will evaluate each application and compare it with available mentors. The expectation is the pair will touch base by the beginning of the selected semester to fully understand the expectations of each participant and to develop a communication plan.  While there is no set end-date, as each mentor/mentee match is different, it should be planned to span at least one full semester. 

If you are ready to participate in this newly designed program, follow the simple steps noted below:

Step 1: Become a student member. It's free! Apply here.

Step 2: Prepare to complete the application:  Be aware that the application will ask questions shown below. You will also be allowed to attach any supporting documents you feel would help us evaluate your application.

What are your aviation career aspirations?
What interests you the most about aviation?
What are you looking to get out of the OAA Mentorship Program?

Step 3: Complete the Mentorship Program application here.  

Note: Mentor/mentee discussions may occur either virtually or in person. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to determine how to participate and follow current health guidelines and recommendations.

Information for Mentors

Are you are a current industry professional, a member of OAA, and want to give back to the industry by serving as a mentor?  Great! Contact the OAA at for more information.  Or simply email the following information and we will contact you.

  • Name:
  • Job Title:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email:
  • Employer:
  • Are you a pilot?:
  • Areas of aviation that interest you (i.e. airport operations, airport finance, airport marketing/air service, airport planning, consulting, etc.):
Note: OAA reserves the right to periodically review and make subsequent changes to the program.

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