Membership Satisfaction Survey Results Are In!

November 8, 2018

Membership Satisfaction Survey Results Are In!

The 2018 Membership Satisfaction Survey results are in!  Here are a few takeaways for your information: 
  1. Top answers to “What would you tell a peer is the best benefit of belonging to OAA?”: Advocacy, Networking, and the Annual Conference.

  2. Top answers to “How do you prefer to meet/get to know other members?”: Conference, Networking Outside of the Conference, and Board Meetings/Committee Work.

  3. Top answers to “How can we help facilitate networking for members?”: At the Conference and After-Hours Events (not associated with the conference).

  4. Top answers to “What types of events would you like to see OAA offer in the future?”: Airport Management training Classes, Airport Tours for Members, and After-Hours Gatherings.

  5. Top Social Media Platform Used: Linked In, Facebook.

  6. How satisfied are you with your OAA membership? 92% are satisfied or very satisfied.

There were a few results that we will attempt to dive into over the next few weeks. One result, in particular, has our BOD attention: 23% of survey respondents indicated they least-liked the OAA Annual Awards. Unfortunately, no additional comments were provided to add clarification to this answer. But OAA will dig-in and find out exactly what our members are trying to tell us and seek to improve!

The OAA Board of Directors take these results to heart! We will work hard to integrate the suggestions and needs of our members!  Thanks again to all the members that took the time to complete our survey!

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