What does OAA mean to our Board Director and Conference Chair?

March 2, 2018


As the Executive Director of the Ohio Aviation Association, sometimes I get to spend a lot of time with my Directors. These last few months I have worked closely with OAA's Conference Committee to put together a great program for OAA members and non-members alike. This year’s Conference Committee Chair is Mr. Tom Mochty. He is a Senior VP at Woolpert, Inc. and he sits in Dayton, but you will find him all over Ohio and beyond.

In one recent chat, I asked him what OAA means to him and Woolpert. Here is an insider’s look at our conversation…

Stacey: Tom, you give a lot of time to OAA, like many other Board Directors. I would love to know why you do it and what does the Ohio Aviation Association mean to you?

Tom: Well, the OAA is my one and only platform to help our Airports in Ohio get organized, create a voice and advocate for their continued
growth and development!

Stacey: That is true, and in some of my recent outreach I have heard time and again that the Ohio airports haven’t had a lot of opportunities to collaborate and can sometimes get bogged down in the day to day operations. Airport managers or operators sometimes feel like they are the lone voice for airports in their area. I hope they soon can realize they can call upon us.

Tom: Yes, and I think we are on a great track to change that with more outreach, a better conference to bring everyone together, and future events. I also see the OAA as a vehicle towards aligning with other industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Technology. OAA needs to help local and state economic development groups become more aware of the investment needs of our Airports to growing our local and state economies.

: So, so true Tom. Can you tell me what does the Ohio Aviation Association mean to Woolpert?

It means a few things: First, the OAA helps my business by helping me stay plugged into policy and market condition changes that are taking place. In this fast-paced economy that we live in, I rely on the OAA to keep me informed of what is happening in the state from a policy perspective. Legislation that has the potential to help and hurt Ohio’s Airports is being drafted every day and we need to be vigilant in protecting one of our most important transportation assets both now and into the future.

Second, funding for the airports is always in jeopardy as state budget battles are usually contentious. The OAA helps keep an eye on the battles to watch for potential impacts.  We need to enhance and protect the State’s ongoing commitment towards funding aviation, a key component of Ohio’s transportation infrastructure.

: Absolutely, Tom! I am excited to roll-out our upcoming Public Policy Document that outlines OAA's shorter-term and longer-term initiatives to help aviation in Ohio. This document will help carry our message far beyond our hands and into those who make funding decisions.


Thanks for reading about OAA's Board Director Tom Mochty. He can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions for him.  And stay tuned for news about our latest Public Policy Document!

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