Passage of House Bill 370

February 14, 2018

Ohio Aviation Association Applauds Passage of House Bill 370

Bill Would Recognize Wright Brothers Flyer on State Seal of Ohio

COLUMBUS—The Ohio Aviation Association (OAA), the leading voice for Ohio’s airports, applauded the passage of House Bill 370 by the Ohio House of Representatives today. HB 370, sponsored by State Representative Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek) would add a depiction of the Wright Flyer to the Ohio Coat of Arms and Great Seal

“As the birthplace of aviation, Ohio has a unique history that is part of our state identity,” said
Stacey Heaton, Executive Director of the Ohio Aviation Association Board of Directors. “As beneficiaries of the achievements of the Wright Brothers, our membership strongly supports House Bill 370.”

HB 370 would add a representation of the Wright Brothers’ first piloted aircraft to the State Seal and Coat of Arms. The Wright Flyer made its historic flight in December 1903, piloted by Wilbur Wright. The bill passed the House State and Local Government Committee unanimously last year. HB 370 is co-sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats comprising more than half of the members of the Ohio House of Representatives. The bill passed the House 89-3.

“By adding a depiction of the Wright Flyer to Ohio’s Coat of Arms and State Seal, we are forever commemorating the achievements of Orville and Wilbur Wright and solidifying our status as the birthplace of aviation,” Heaton said. “Ohio’s airports are proud of our aviation heritage and we appreciate the General Assembly’s actions today.”

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